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  • No fee is charged without first obtaining your explicit authorization.
  • All instant online quotes include all fees except as indicated below.
  • Some "brokered" policy fees cannot be disclosed until after your application is fully underwritten. But no fee is charged without first obtaining your explicit authorization.
  • You always have the option to decline to pay the fee. But if you decline to pay the fee, the corresponding service will not be provided.

Non-refundable Fees

  • Broker fee: included in your online quote. Varies. Refer to your instant online quote.

  • Check processing for faxed checks: NONE (Even if the website states that there is a charge for this service, there is not a charge. This is a recent change.)
  • Credit card processing fee: 2.5% MC/VISA/VISA debit, 3.5% DISC, 4.5% corporate card/world card/rewards card. This fee does not apply to all transactions. Even if the website states that there is a fee, there may not be a fee. This is a recent change and the website has not been fully updated to remove this fee yet. We take AX only for certain transactions. Ask your representative for details if you want to use an AX card.
  • Credit card rebuttal: time and cost, minimum $52
  • *Document fee to provide a duplicate document because the holder of the document lost his copy. The original and one replacement are provided at no cost. For each additional copy after the original and one duplicate has been provided: $9 for e-mail, $19 for fax, $25 to mail original
  • Mail: first class mail: no charge. Rush delivery: cost of delivery (estimated $15-$19)
  • Print and mail a policy after if has been e-mailed, for convenience: $18
  • Quote fee: Because our website provides instant online quotes, we do not provide quotes on our letterhead via email, fax, or mail unless the prospect is willing to pay a "quote fee". Examples of when a "quote fee" applies:
    • when a prospect wants us to provide quotes on our letterhead more than 60 days prior to his need for insurance
    • when a prospect wants us to provide quotes on our letterhead only to obtain loan approval
    • when a prospect wants us to provide quotes on our letterhead only to assist with establishing a business plan
    • when a prospect wants us to provide quotes on our letterhead only to assist with his preparation of a bid for a construction project he is bidding on
    • and any other time a prospect wants quotes on our letterhead but has no intention of buying the insurance within the next 60 days and wants the quote for some other purpose such as educational purposes.
    Notice that all these examples involve situations in which the prospective client is not wanting to BUY the insurance but only wants a QUOTE. Quotes are provided for free online. But if you want a quote on our letterhead, the fee is $35-$75
  • Return check fee: the maximum the applicant's resident state allows:
    • All debt and costs suffered by Chase Financial Services, including legal and collection fees, arising out of its acceptance of a check that is returned by the issuing bank is the full responsibility of the accountholder or authorized signer of the bad check. Chase Financial Services does not hesitate to collect funds due.
    • *Rush fee: Varies. Applies only to the few types of insurance that you cannot purchase instantly online. You know that your insurance cannot be instantly purchased online if you are required to fax your application or estimated payment. If your type of insurance cannot be purchased instantly online, you will see links that say "Rush Requests" or "In a Hurry?". Click on those links. They will explain this fee in detail.
    • Technology fee: no longer being charged by Chase Carmen Hunter Insurance.
    • Motor vehicle reports: charge varies by state. Not included in instant quotes because these reports are needed only rarely and only at the underwriter's discretion.

    Any listed fee that is not allowed by state law is not waived and the service is not provided, depending on the state and the fee listed.

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